Morrison Countys Success in Combating Prescription Drug Abuse

Members-Only Call: Morrison County's Success in Combating Prescription Drug Abuse

Held December 13, 2016

Please join a small group of your executive colleagues for a conference call and discussion. Family Medicine Physicians Dr. Kurt Devine and Dr. Heather Bell along with Lee Boyles, President and Rhonda Buckallew, Administrator, CHI St. Gabriel's Health, Little Falls, MN will describe the work and impact of a Controlled Substance Care team and a community Prescription Drug Task Force.

The speakers will share how key partnerships of a community Prescription Drug Trask force and the work of a Clinical Controlled Substance Care Team have collaborated to address chronic opioid use in a rural community. Discussion will include the role and importance of a comprehensive care team and appropriate communication channels with community partners. The physicians will discuss strategies implemented by the care team for chronic opioid prescribing in a primary care setting.


Presentation slides (PDF)

Speakers' Bios:

Dr. Kurt Devine


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