The AHA is committed to supporting good governance in the changing health care environment by providing trustee-focused resources, tools and education that foster high-performing hospital and health system boards.

The AHA recently challenged itself to answer this question: “How can we best support good governance in the changing health care environment and reach the widest audience possible?”

As a result of extensive study and feedback from the field, we have re-focused our trustee education efforts on the emerging challenges in the health care field, as well as the good governance practices crucial to success and advancing health in every community in America. We have consolidated all of our trustee resources, including our robust resources repository, at

There, you can also access and sign up to receive Trustee Insights, our monthly multi-media package update that includes not only briefs on some of the hottest topics in health care, but webinar and video content that can be used for boardroom education and discussion.

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