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AHA Physician Leadership 360

Do your physicians have what it takes to be successful? How do you know?

Physician Leadership 360 will help you find out.

“We look for those who have a talent for looking at things more holistically.”

“He was a great listener. It wasn’t that he needed consensus, but he made sure he was hearing things around him.”

“Conflict resolution skills are key. You are constantly dealing with issues like infighting between departments.”

As physicians move into senior leadership roles within their organizations, they bring a fresh and relevant perspective to the challenges of delivering high-quality, high-value care. For many, the role of leading and managing collaborative teams across multiple departments requires an entirely new set of skills and behaviors than their medical training prepared them for. 

We have designed AHA Physician Leadership 360 to help both hospitals and their physicians identify opportunities for leadership development, and turn that opportunity into action. 

Appropriate for both existing and emerging leaders, the program uses the principles of 360-degree evaluation to spot and clarify areas of strength and weakness within the participant, and then create a solid development plan to capitalize on potential.

You can scale the program for individuals and for large groups. It includes self-guided videos, and access to a resource library of curated articles and discussion guides. Most importantly, each participant receives a 360 feedback report to be used to create an action plan for improvement.

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