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RAND 5.0 – The Health Policy Equivalent of Groundhog Day

The RAND Corporation recently released the fifth iteration of its biannual hospital price report. The AHA highlights the significant flaws in this latest iteration.

Tapping Community Partners to Codesign Black Maternal Care 

By codesigning care with community partners, hospitals can proactively and collaboratively work toward improving Black maternal health outcomes.

Social Isolation and Loneliness: Understanding a Mental Health Crisis

Social isolation and loneliness are important social determinants of physical and mental health that we, as a society, need to pay attention to and develop ways to mitigate their deleterious effects.

Chair File: Driving Change Together and Accelerating Health Equity

More than 1,000 people will convene in Kansas City, Mo., beginning tomorrow to participate in the 

Chair File: Leadership Dialogue — Building Trust and Advancing Health Equity in Communities With Lynn Todman of Corewell Health

In today’s episode, I talk with Lynn Todman, vice president of health equity and community partnerships at Corewell Health.

Prevention Is the Prescription for Reducing Pediatric Sepsis

Chris DeRienzo, M.D., AHA’s Senior Vice President and Chief Physician Executive, discusses pediatric sepsis and what we can do to prevent, recognize and treat it.

Chair File: Leadership Dialogue — Community Investment for Health With David Zuckerman of the Healthcare Anchor Network

In today’s episode, I talk with David Zuckerman, president and founder of the Healthcare Anchor Network.

Chair File: Connecting, Learning and Collaborating to Advance Health in America

Communication. Teamwork. Unity. That’s what helps drive health care innovation, accelerates health equity, improves health outcomes and advances health in our communities.