Infrastructure Advocacy: Seeking Congress’ Support for Hospitals and Health Systems in Upcoming Legislation

Congress and the Biden Administration are discussing proposals for a significant legislative package to address the nation’s infrastructure. While negotiations about the size and scope of the package, as well as whether there will be a bipartisan agreement on some pieces of the package or if Democrats will pursue it through reconciliation are still being considered, it is important that hospitals and health systems make the case that provisions to support hospitals’ and health systems’ infrastructure are included.

While your senators and representatives are in their home districts and states for the Memorial Day recess, please contact your lawmakers and urge them to prioritize hospitals and health systems in the infrastructure discussions. These priorities include:

  • Investing in Hospital Physical Infrastructure
  • Strengthening the Health Care Workforce
  • Building Capacity for Emergency Preparedness and Response
  • Expanding the Digital and Data Infrastructure for Health Care
  • Securing the Health Care Supply Chain

In addition, please urge your legislators to include provisions that support the behavioral health needs of the country, as well as rural hospitals and the communities they serve.

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