Infrastructure Advocacy Digital Toolkit

While Congress and the Administration are continuing to discuss proposals for a significant legislative package to address the nation’s infrastructure, it is important that we make the case that provisions to support hospitals’ and health systems’ infrastructure are included.

During the past few weeks, we have shared with the Administration and Senate and House leaders our recommendations for infrastructure investments that should be included to ensure hospitals and health systems are fully equipped to care for their communities now and into the future, as well as respond to any future public health emergency.

These priorities include:

  • Investing in Hospital Physical Infrastructure
  • Strengthening the Health Care Workforce
  • Building Capacity for Emergency Preparedness and Response
  • Expanding the Digital and Data Infrastructure for Health Care
  • Securing the Health Care Supply Chain

In addition, please urge your legislators to include provisions that support the behavioral health needs of the country, as well as rural hospitals and the communities they serve.

To that end, we have crafted messages and graphics for you to use across your organization’s social media platforms. Remember to tag your members of Congress and @AHAadvocacy and use #SupportHospitals in all your messages.


  • In upcoming #infrastructure legislation, we ask Congress to #SupportHospitals.
  • We ask Congress to prioritize #hospitals and health systems in the #infrastructure discussions. #SupportHospitals
  • RT and advocate for Congress to #SupportHospitals by supporting legislation that invests in Hospital Physical #Infrastructure.
  • We urge Congress to support upcoming #infrastructure legislation that strengthens the health care workforce. #SupportHospitals
  • To ensure #hospitals and health systems are fully equipped to care for their communities, Congress must #SupportHospitals in upcoming #infrastructure legislation and prioritize building capacity for emergency preparedness and response.
  • Expanding the digital and data #infrastructure for health care is a critical need for #hospitals and health systems. RT & ask Congress to #SupportHospitals
  • Congress must #SupportHospitals in upcoming #infrastructure legislation and secure the health care supply chain.
  • In upcoming #infrastructure legislation, Congress must include provisions that support the #BehavioralHealth needs of the nation, as well as #rural hospitals and their communities. #SupportHospitals



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