Forever Grateful. #ForeverGrateful. A diverse group of health care workers standing in a line so you see their back with their arms around the people to their left and right.

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Thank Our Health Care Workers

2020 has been hard for many, but it has been especially challenging for doctors, nurses and health care workers. Through it all, they have cared for their communities with compassion and skill. We invite you to thank the women and men at your local hospital or health system for all they do to keep us healthy and safe.

Share a message below, or post on your social media with the hashtag #ForeverGrateful.


You Didn't Have To (Song for NursesEverywhere)

Listen to country duo Brown & Gray celebrate nurses and other front line health workers in "You Didn't Have To," a song created in collaboration with nursing advocacy organization NursesEverywhere.

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#ForeverGrateful Messages

Thank you so much for your unending work of caring for so many very sick people. We appreciate you!

Ann Dickinson
Tucson, AZ

To the amazing team at St. James Parish Hospital, thank you continuing to serve with compassion throughout this unprecedented year. It is because of you so many of our patients had a chance to remain close to home to heal. When the pandemic hit us hard, you fought back even harder for our patients, their families and our community. We are forever grateful for your strength, bravery and resilience and we pray for better days ahead. Thank you!

Kassie Roussel
Lutcher, LA

All of the Healthcare Heros in our community are the truth in dedication, loyalty to the service of others and above all compassionate and professional. Love to all Healthcare Heros in the world and especially to our local healthcare providers in Fairfield, IL.

Katherine Bunting
Fairfield, IL

Throughout the pandemic, I have been completely humbled by the courage shown by all those who work in healthcare - your bravery and compassion has not gone unnoticed by me or my family who have been fortunate so far and not contracted COVID-19. We have heeded all the precautions and practice social distancing, not only because it was the right thing to do, but also to honor the sacrifices we know healthcare workers make daily. Thank you doesn't even begin to cover it!

Marielle Daniels
Plantsville, CT

Thanks to all hospital workers out there and especially in Mississippi. Everyone appreciates your dedication to patients and community during these crazy and stressful times. Thanks for what you do every day!

Perry Egger
Madison, MS