High-Value Care Collaborative



Understanding High-Value Care


  • Building High-Value Care Bridges: In this presentation, Dr. Chris Moriates, Assistant Dean for Health Care Value – a first of its kind position at a medical school – describes emerging work at Dell Medical School at The University of Texas at Austin and around the country to teach and engage trainees in health care value. Dr. Moriates highlights the importance of bridging educational and clinical environments and creating a high-value care culture. He introduces the brand new interactive and adaptive Dell Med Value-Based Health Care (VBHC) modules, which are freely available online for learners of all levels. Additionally, he describes tools developed at other institutions to integrate VBHC into training environments and to engage trainees in value improvement activities. 
  • Discovering Value-Based Health Care: Dell Medical School Discovering High-Value Care learning modules. A series of interactive learning modules to understand the concepts of value-based care.



High-Value Care Culture Domains and Survey 

Similar to widely-used patient safety culture surveys, this survey uses domains that contribute to a high-value care culture. It may be used by healthcare groups to identify target areas for improvements and to monitor the effects of high-value care initiatives.


Understanding Appropriate Use


Teamwork and Project Management Resources

How to design a team charter using a design canvas: http://designabetterbusiness.com/toolbox/#/tools/teamcharter

Using design thinking to address problem solving: http://diytoolkit.org/tools/problem-definition-2/ 

Tools for understanding how to work well as a team: https://www.aha.org/teamtraining


Additional Resource Articles



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