Open enrollment in the Health Insurance Marketplace has begun and hospitals are geared up to continue the important work of making the enrollment process easy, accessible and widely available.  Now through the end of open enrollment on January 31, 2016, hospitals will host health fairs and education sessions, work with community partners and have trained navigators and certified assistance counselors to help people get covered.  

While the number of Americans without health insurance has dropped one-third since 2013, millions still do not have coverage – the majority of them in states that did not expand Medicaid.  That’s why hospitals are committed to building on the good work that has been done during the past couple of years to make it easier for more Americans to get affordable health care coverage. 

The AHA’s Get Enrolled page has links to an extensive collection of AHA, national and state-specific resources that can help make this year’s enrollment effort the most successful yet.

Coverage counts when it comes to meeting the AHA’s vision of healthy communities, where all individuals reach their highest potential for health. This isn’t just about enrolling in health coverage, but about helping make the upcoming year be the healthiest year yet.

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