This week millions of Americans exercised their fundamental right to vote and elect our leaders. With the election now behind us, we must turn from politics to governance. Amid the changing political landscape, our priorities remain the same – advancing the transformation of health care, ensuring access to coverage, preserving adequate resources for health care, protecting patient access to care, enhancing the quality of care and patient safety, and making health care more affordable. Our strength as hospitals and health systems is our common agenda, our credibility as providers of essential public services that every American depends on and our political power. Our nearly 5,000 member hospitals, health systems and other health care organizations – not to mention over 40,000 personal members – are located in every congressional district in every state. They are a trusted source of information for legislators on the complex issues related to health care, and the ramifications that items under consideration will have on our communities – and their constituents. It’s why we will continue to advance our advocacy agenda in a constructive and bipartisan manner focused on solutions to the challenges we face. We look forward to building on those relationships with the new Administration – and with Congress – as we continue to do everything we can to meet our commitment to the people and communities we serve.