I have been so proud to see America’s hospitals and health systems speak so passionately on behalf of our patients these past few months to protect their ability to access affordable coverage. We are very appreciative that our legislators listened—and thankfully, a bill that could have dramatically increased the number of people without health insurance did not go forward.

We appreciate how persuasively you advocated for your communities. And thank you for sharing your stories with members of Congress. You reminded them that the decisions they make in Washington have real-life ramifications on the people back home whom they represent. It feels good to know that our voices, and those of millions of Americans, really made a difference.

There is still much more work to do. The AHA will continue to work tirelessly to preserve coverage, improve and innovate the delivery of care, eliminate burdensome regulations, increase patient safety and quality, reduce costs, enhance behavioral health access, address disparities in care, and much, much more. And as always, we count on and need your support as we are strongest when our field is united.

You’ll have a chance to see our unity on display at our Annual Membership Meeting, held from Sunday, May 7 through Wednesday, May 10. If you haven’t already, I would encourage you to register. You’ll see policy, opinion, health care, and political leaders from all sides of the aisles come together to discuss the transformation of health care—and you’ll meet and learn from your peers in the field.

I hope to see you there. Thank you for all you do in taking care of patients and the communities you serve.

Gene Woods, AHA Chairman