As Mental Health Awareness Month draws to a close, we would like to thank the many hospitals and health systems across the country that are addressing their communities’ behavioral health needs, often by working with local organizations to coordinate care beyond the walls of a hospital.

By offering behavioral health care services in a variety of settings and through a variety of channels – from emergency medical or mental health services, treatment and counseling programs to staffing 24-hour crisis lines or offering screening and referral services – America’s hospitals and caregivers demonstrate their dedication to caring for the mentally ill and to providing comprehensive, compassionate care for patients.  

Hospitals in many communities are leading efforts to reduce the stigmas around mental illness and educating both patients and caregivers about mental illness and recovery resources.

Those of you who are already active in providing mental health services are playing a critical role in the overall health of your community. But if your hospital is finding it difficult to maintain or increase these vital services given growing challenges, know that the AHA and its Section for Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Services continue to advocate for equitable and appropriate reimbursement and regulatory policies, as well as deliver best practice tools and resources.

If you haven’t done so already, visit the AHA’s Behavioral Health webpage for more information on the association’s long-standing commitment to supporting hospitals and health systems’ efforts to deliver high-quality, accessible behavioral health services.