Keeping people healthy makes a lot more sense than treating them once they become ill. That’s why hospitals are increasingly engaged in health improvement strategies to build healthier communities and complement the health care they deliver.

To raise awareness and increase understanding of community health improvement activities and the people and organizations that lead them, the Association for Community Health Improvement (ACHI), an AHA affiliate, every year sponsors Community Health Improvement Week. This year’s event takes place June 4-10, with each weekday focused on a particular community health issue.

For example, ACHI on June 9 will join with the AHA’s Hospitals Against Violence Hope (#HAVhope) digital media campaign to raise awareness about violence and hospital-based approaches to combat violence.

Community health professionals work in all our hospitals and health systems, as well as in community health centers, public health agencies and healthy communities coalition. They understand that community health requires a continuous commitment to collaborating with others in identifying and addressing the unique barriers of health that exist in every community. They know what it takes to improve not just health, but the quality of people’s lives.   

Please join the celebration and honor the efforts of those who work every day to help improve the health of communities across America.