Clean, sterile environments are essential to hospitals’ lifesaving work, and environmental services professionals are essential to creating those environments. In an era of high workforce turnover and concerns about infection control, it’s more important than ever for health care leaders to support their EVS teams. The AHA and its Association for the Health Care Environment professional member group offers several resources to help leaders support their EVS teams, including the important AHE Exchange Conference July 31-Aug. 2 in Dallas. This event helps EVS professionals stay on top of the newest best practices and prepare for what's coming next.

The AHA has long recognized that EVS professionals provide an invaluable service to health care settings. They perform high-quality disinfection that ensures patients are comfortable, safe, and satisfied when they are the most vulnerable.

EVS professionals also provide the essential tools to combat pathogens. They ensure that hospitals and other health care settings can successfully break the chains of infection and stop an outbreak. The pandemic highlighted a continued need for investment in this critical field and how EVS workers at the frontlines were essential in mitigating the spread of COVID-19. EVS professionals are often highly trained and collaborate with various medical staff, personnel and stakeholders.

The EVS field is continually evolving. Infection prevention includes an ever-expanding array of new and innovative technologies and methods. EVS professionals must leverage emerging disinfection knowledge with advances in medical awareness, including microbiology and disease transmission. As the EVS field progresses, collaboration and educational and professional development are essential facets of effective pathogen management.

AHE strives to support EVS professionals by offering rich and engaging forums for them to thrive, connect and build. In addition, AHE provides comprehensive and top-notch knowledge-sharing programs and courses. Events like the upcoming AHE Exchange in Dallas are critical in helping EVS professionals continue to advance, grow and succeed. Jen Porter, Senior Vice President of Field Engagement, echoes these sentiments:
“Environmental services is a mission-critical function of health care facilities, and our EVS professionals are valued and integral team members who contribute in great measure to patients’ health, well-being, and overall patient care experiences. The AHE Exchange provides a forum for EVS professionals to network with colleagues, share best practices and strategically explore future solutions to ensure safe and clean environments and advance patient safety and quality.”

The AHE Exchange allows professionals to align goals, expand networks and share up-to-date information. It also provides a comfortable environment to increase skills, establish relationships with vendors across the health care sector, and much-needed resources for newer EVS professionals and those seeking to elevate their career prospects.

The Exchange 2023 is a testament to the collaborative spirit of the health care field. In addition, this conference helps EVS professionals to continue navigating challenges and overcoming issues while saving lives and promoting safety.

The AHA makes it simple for professionals to attend with clear and concise online information, including travel details, discounts and justification toolkits. AHA members enjoy the perks of membership with discounted conference rates and access to many resources provided by AHE. Find out how you can support your EVS professionals with events like the AHE Exchange or AHE membership by visiting

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