A new report from the AHA’s Committee on Research and Committee on Performance Improvement examines the changing health care landscape and the role trustees and community leaders can play to help guide hospitals during this time of change.

The report provides an overview of engagement strategies and can serve as a leadership checklist for working with both communities and trustees.

“For hospitals to maintain this strong linkage with their community and to be most impactful in addressing community health needs, they will need to work much more collaboratively with a wide range of community entities to identify the most critical health needs and challenges faced by the community,” the report notes. “They must also consider the obstacles that exist to achieve good health, unite around shared goals and work collaboratively to implement changes that promote a healthier community.”

The report adds that “boards and hospital leaders must maintain a strong local presence and reflect the individual communities they serve.”

The Committee on Research is responsible for the development of the AHA’s research agenda, while the Committee on Performance Improvement provides guidance to support AHA’s performance improvement strategy, including the Hospitals in Pursuit of Excellence initiative.

For more on the report, go to “Guides” at www.hpoe.org.

In a brief AHA News audio podcast, AHA Chairman Jonathan Perlin, M.D., explains how the report can help AHA members navigate the changing health care environment. Listen in here.