AHA President and CEO Rick Pollack today called on the Senate to “reset the discussion” over health care policy by rejecting the House-passed American Health Care Act. Kicking off the AHA Annual Membership Meeting’s Federal Forum, Pollack reiterated the AHA’s concerns about the AHCA jeopardizing coverage for millions of needy Americans. “While it’s unclear what the next steps will be as it relates to repeal, replace and repair – and how it might be revised and revisited – we call on the Senate to reset the discussion,” he said. Despite today’s political uncertainty, Pollack said the rapidly changing health care environment “represents a new way and new dawn for our field. It goes to the issue of redefining the hospital – or ‘redefining the H’ – and building the hospital and health system of the future” – a system that ensures coverage for all, delivers high-value care, coordinates services, expands wellness and prevention programs, and engages patients and their families as partners in managing care. “Hospitals’ and health systems’ remarkable ability to manage change is what gives me great hope for the future,” he said.