The House and Senate budget committees yesterday voted along party lines to approve their respective versions of a fiscal year 2016 budget plan. Among other proposals, the House plan would reduce Medicare spending by $148 billion and Medicaid and other health care spending by $913 billion over 10 years; repeal the Affordable Care Act; create a block grant program giving states flexibility to tailor the Medicaid program to their communities; and unify the Medicaid and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program into a single program. The Senate plan would adopt the president’s overall Medicare reductions, directing congressional committees to achieve the nearly $431 billion in savings over 10 years; repeal the ACA and provide “reserve funds” to replace it with legislation that “strengthens the doctor-patient relationship, expands choice and lowers health care costs"; and increase state flexibility in Medicaid benefits and administration. Both chambers are expected to consider the plans next week. For more on the respective proposals, see the AHA member Special Bulletins.