The Connecticut Hospital Association testified today against state legislation proposed by Gov. Dannel Malloy that would allow municipalities to levy property taxes on any off-campus property owned by a hospital. “Connecticut hospitals play a large and growing role in improving the health of people in their communities through their primary care, prevention and population health management services,” said CHA CEO Jennifer Jackson. “But proposed funding cuts and taxes in Hartford, including the imposition of a property tax levied on not-for-profit hospitals, will threaten hospitals’ ability to maintain community benefits at current levels and would affect access and services for all patients.” According a new CHA report, Connecticut hospitals invested $1.5 billion in community benefit initiatives in 2013, 15% of their total revenue, providing more than 12.3 million services to individuals and families. These include support services for cancer, diabetes, asthma and other chronic conditions; mobile vans and clinics delivering primary and preventive care; healthy lifestyle education programs; and other initiatives targeted to specific community needs.