The AHA yesterday presented two federal health care leaders with awards for outstanding service in the health care field. Retired Brig. Gen. Charles Potter, United States Air Force, who served as director of Manpower, Personnel and Resources and chief of the Medical Service Corps in the Office of the Surgeon General, received the 2014 Federal Health Care Executive Award for Excellence. Col. James Carrell, United States Army, received the 2014 Federal Health Care Executive Special Achievement Award for improving medical readiness as a lieutenant colonel and chief of the Reception Medical Clinic at Fort Jackson, SC. “The honorees exemplify dedication to excellence and service to their country and, on behalf of the American Hospital Association, I thank them for the work they do each day,” said AHA President and CEO Rich Umbdenstock. “Our federal hospitals are priceless resources to our nation. The care provided is critical and the knowledge shared with other hospitals has added immeasurably to our capacity to treat complex conditions.”