New Jersey’s 63 not-for-profit hospitals provided $2.4 billion in community benefit in 2013, accounting for 13.4% of their total hospital expense, according to a new report from EY (formerly Ernst & Young) commissioned by the New Jersey Hospital Association. “This independent report verifies our annual findings that New Jersey’s hospitals continue to give back to their communities while serving as key economic drivers,” said NJHA President and CEO Betsy Ryan. “These not-for-profit hospitals represent a lot more to their communities than bricks and mortar – they are significant contributors to the overall well-being of their communities and expect to remain that way for a long time to come.” In June, a New Jersey tax court ruled against the local property tax exemption for one New Jersey not-for-profit hospital. While the ruling does not set statewide precedent, NJHA has established a member task force to examine the issue and its impact on the state’s not-for-profit hospitals.