AABB is urging hospitals to remain highly vigilant in managing their blood inventories, especially type O negative red blood cells and AB plasma, as these products are in short supply this summer. AABB recommends hospitals reserve AB plasma for blood group AB patients with definitive transfusion needs. For situations where type O negative red blood cells and AB plasma are used as part of a massive transfusion protocol for patients of unknown blood type, every effort should be made to obtain a blood type for the patient as soon as possible. “Maintaining a safe and adequate blood supply is critical to the nation’s public health and a priority for the medical community,” said Miriam A. Markowitz, CEO of AABB. Hospitals are urged to follow available clinical practice guidelines for the appropriate use of individual blood products. AHA and AABB collaborated on a toolkit to assist hospitals as they implement a patient blood management approach as a component of their care planning decisions.