The Medicaid and CHIP Payment and Access Commission today released its March report to Congress, which focuses on Medicaid managed care, telehealth in Medicaid, and disproportionate share hospital allotments to states. With respect to Medicaid managed care, the report recommends allowing states to require all beneficiaries to enroll in managed care programs under state plan authority; extending approval and renewal periods for all Section 1915(b) waivers from two to five years; and permitting Section 1915(c) waivers to waive freedom of choice and selective contracting. According to the report, advances in telehealth technology have the potential to improve access to services, but states would likely benefit from additional research on the issue. With respect to DSH allotments, the commission found that total hospital charity care and bad debt continue to fall under the Affordable Care Act, with the largest declines in states that expanded Medicaid, but that Medicaid shortfall has increased due to increased program enrollment.