Physicians and other practitioners who provided evaluation and management (E/M) services via telehealth during the first nine months of the COVID-19 public health emergency generally complied with Medicare requirements, according to a report released recently by the Department of Health and Human…
In a recent report, “Transforming Health Care Delivery Through Virtual Care,” Atrium Health leaders detail how they’ve developed more than 30 virtual programs that streamline access to care, reduce wait times and improve the patient experience.
America’s employers will evaluate their health plans, partnerships and vendors more closely this year as they try to create value, achieve higher quality and procure cost-effective services.
The Federal Communications Commission Jan. 10 released a final rule updating the Rural Health Care program, which offers discounted rates for rural broadband and other communications services to support virtual health care services.
Ballad Health in Johnson City, Tennessee, recently completed an interesting pilot to improve communication around medication adherence. It worked with Grapefruit Health, a startup focused on addressing health care’s staffing shortage by creating a workforce solely comprising clinical students.
The Federal Communications Commission Dec. 12 rejected an application by Starlink for nearly $900 million in Rural Digital Opportunity Funds to bring broadband services to rural locations, including health care facilities, concluding the application failed to demonstrate the company could deliver…
The House Energy and Commerce Committee Dec. 6 advanced 19 health care bills, including legislation (H.R. 6364) that would prevent Medicare from publicizing a telehealth provider’s home address when the provider delivers telehealth services from their home.
In a letter submitted to the Senate Finance Subcommittee on Health for a hearing Nov. 14, the AHA expressed support for the CONNECT Act (S.2016/H.R. 4189) and urged Congress to allow Medicare beneficiaries to access telehealth services wherever they and their providers are and allow rural health…
AHA comments on ensuring Medicare beneficiary access to telehealth services and ensuring stability for providers.