Four out of 10 physicians feel the effects of burnout daily, and two out of three who are experiencing depression say it affects their work. In today’s distracted world, everyone is bouncing from one activity to the next, trying to do more with less and pushing their abilities to the limit. How is it that some emerge from this relentless pace with more energy and drive, while others are burned out? Recorded during the popular “Regular or Extra Crispy” intensive session at this year’s AHA Leadership Summit, this three-part masterclass podcast, featuring Tom Jenike, M.D., chief human experience officer and senior vice president at Novant Health, highlights how professional success can come at a high personal and professional cost, and how one organization is addressing the root causes.
By all accounts, Jenike was a success story: thriving practice, happy patients and community respect. But underneath, the pressure was unsustainable. As Jenike puts it, “At that time, I would have said everything is most important to me, which of course implies what? Nothing is most important to me.” 

Spending time with an executive coach helped him reclaim why he went into health care and shifted the conversation to one of resiliency and well-being. His struggle with burnout resulted in a system-wide initiative that empowers individuals and builds supportive communities helping busy physicians and other leaders thrive. His experience and the program he helped start at Novant Health is the foundation for AHA’s Physician Leadership Experience.  

“If we can save one career; if we can save one marriage; if we can save a life, that’s why I care about this work.” adds Jenike.
This podcast series is the latest resource available through AHA’s workforce compass. The AHA has long connected health care leaders with ideas and colleagues on key workforce issues. A new digital framework with hundreds of resources from across all units within AHA covers the many aspects of workforce needs. Find more content related to well-being and resiliency at

Elisa Arespacochaga is vice president of AHA’s Physician Alliance.

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