Yesterday marked the beginning of open enrollment in the Health Care Marketplaces—the best chance for people who do not get coverage through their employer or programs like Medicare and Medicaid to get covered for the upcoming year. Last year, hospitals and health systems played a key role in getting the word out in their communities. As a result, nearly 12 million people enrolled in coverage for 2018, meaning they now have access to preventive care, critical treatments, and more affordable prescriptions.

People buy insurance for their cars, their homes, and even their phones—but too many people still need coverage for their health. 

The American Hospital Association is committed to expanding access to quality, affordable care, and that means helping hospitals and health systems spread the word about open enrollment and helping the public navigate the sign-up process. We’re running digital and radio ads, creating online resources, and engaging with our members to help make sure people know it’s time to sign up. And we’re partnering with others to amplify our message.

No one plans to get sick or injured, but unforeseen injuries or illnesses can lead to unexpected costs. Having insurance helps people plan for their care and how to pay for it, and ensures they will have access to primary and preventive care when and where they need it. In addition, subsidies are available to help low- and moderate-income families get the coverage they need. 

But picking the right plan isn’t always easy. For those who need help figuring out which plan to purchase, check out the government’s health plan explainer or call 1-800-318-2596 for free assistance. To see the plans available in your area, visit

Thank you to our members for all you do to help expand coverage. When more people have health coverage, everyone wins—the patients who need care, the insurers that provide coverage, and the hospitals and health systems that provide care. 

Whether you’re looking for coverage or you work at a hospital or health system, visit for more information to help spread the word.

Open enrollment ends Dec. 15 so we will be shouting from the rooftops until then!

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