Telling the Hospital Story: Children's Hospital Colorado

A special partnership with Children's Hospital Colorado is helping patients and families facing housing insecurity. In April, the Aurora Housing Authority was awarded 20 state housing vouchers, which are expected to make a long-term difference for those in need.

AHA and Children's Hospital Colorado have long partnered to help provide short-term housing support to families in need. Now, thanks to funds from the Colorado Department of Local Affairs through its Division of Housing Office of Homeless Initiatives, the organizations are able to help 20 patients and their families secure a long-term option.

The state funding not only includes long-term rental assistance, but also long-term social work and support. Housing case managers work to ensure that households have access to all the community resources necessary to better guarantee safe and stable homes.

"It's one of the most challenging things that we face with families, in terms of social needs, and how those affect their health outcomes," said Kelly Galloway of Children's Hospital Colorado. "If a family is experiencing the risk of homelessness and doesn't have safe and stable housing, it's impossible to imagine how they would be able to address their medical needs which are sometimes very complex."

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