Role of Hospitals: Huntington Hospital

Health worker and child patient

To help empower all members of the community to enjoy the healthiest lifestyle possible, Huntington Hospital is dedicated to providing health and outreach services to meet the needs of our community. The hospital provides free health screening, counseling, education and referrals. Staff are active all year participating in community, faith organization, and school health fairs and events, working with many community-based organizations, health clinics and schools. These interactions inform the hospital about community health needs and allow them to respond with appropriate services.

For example, registered nurses work in partnership with other community agencies to determine the community’s needs and what can be done to help meet those needs. Free health counseling and screenings for diabetes and hypertension are provided at a variety of community sites every month.

Additionally, throughout the year they participate in health fairs, providing free health education for disease prevention and management, and maintaining a healthful lifestyle; hold over 30 free annual flu shot clinics throughout the community – providing an average of 2,500 flu shots annually and in an effort to constantly improve the quality of health counseling and asthma education and management services, they monitor performance against a series of standardized benchmarks aimed at improving community care.

Huntington Hospital Community Outreach Programs

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