Seeking interns, M Health Fairview leans on Project SEARCH

Caitlin Ingebritson, M Health Fairview Project SEARCH intern

Caitlin Ingebritson is one of many who have had a glowing experience as an intern with M Health Fairview. Her favorite job while working at M Health Fairview Lakes Medical Center was riding on the security vehicle, nicknamed “Beep Beep.” What set Caitlin’s experience apart was that it is one designed to support young adults with disabilities whose goal is employment, called Project SEARCH.

Project SEARCH interns complete three 10-week rotations in various departments at the hospital, including security, environmental services, nutrition services, supply chain, facilities and clerical. For participants like Caitlin, that experience also helps them become more independent and responsible, while identifying their strengths and interests.

Project SEARCH at M Health Fairview Lakes Medical Center began in 2013, while M Health Fairview Ridges Hospital welcomed its second class of interns in Sept. 2023.

“The benefit for us as a host organization is that Project SEARCH gives us the opportunity to have access to diverse talent,” said Melissa Siebenaler, R.N., a workforce pathway consultant at Ridges Hospital. “This program can help us fill and increase productivity and retention for entry-level positions.”


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