Pinedale’s New $73.8 Million Hospital Will Bridge Western Wyoming Health Care Gap

Sublette County Health rendering

To many residents and visitors, Sublette County offers the best of Wyoming with its scenic vistas and recreational activities.

What is hasn’t offered, however, is a hospital.

In early 2025, the last county in Wyoming without a hospital will lose that unwanted status when a new $73.8 million critical access hospital in Pinedale, dubbed Sublette County Health, is scheduled for completion in March.

For the first time, patients and families that took 100-mile drives for care for granted will be able to access blood transfusions, mammograms, cardiac care and other staples of basic health care without facing long and arduous trips.

The new building will include a 40,000-square-foot, 10-bed hospital, 44,000-square-foot long-term care facility with 40 beds and a memory care unit with 10 beds.

In addition, the hospital will create about 20 new jobs and pay out about $15 million a year in payroll — positions that will help keep young families in the community.

One local health care official sums up the anticipated impact of the new facility with a simple phrase: "game-changer."

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