Sarasota Memorial Health Care’s Video Addresses Concerns about COVID-19 Vaccines

Infectious disease specialist Manuel Gordillo, M.D., of Sarasota Memorial Health Care System in Florida, says the best way to tackle vaccine readiness is for people to have conversations with those they trust, such as a doctor, pastor or family member.

Sarasota Memorial created a video — Addressing 7 COVID-19 Vaccine Myths — with Gordillo addressing misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines and fears that are preventing people from getting their shots. During the six-minute talk, Gordillo breaks down several myths behind vaccine hesitancy. He talks about safety, efficacy, speed of vaccine development, side effects, the vaccines’ ingredients, protection against emerging variants and more. He also addresses concerns that the vaccine may alter a person’s DNA.

“This is our opportunity to end this pandemic,” Gordillo says. “If we vaccinate at the maximum rate, we'll achieve this. But everybody needs to be vaccinated.”

Check out the video here.

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