Succession Planning: A Guide to Help Hospitals and Health System Leaders Plan

The new Succession Planning resource for hospital and health system leaders who wish to grow their upcoming leadership

COVID-19 has highlighted the need to strategically plan for the future workforce, including those key leadership roles within your hospital or health system.

Succession planning can feel like a luxury, even in the best of times. The AHA connected with hospital leaders across the country to understand how they are integrating talent development and succession planning into their culture and operation. The challenges and opportunities identified are presented in this report to help hospitals and health system leaders prioritize and support a robust and comprehensive succession planning program.

Particularly over the last two plus years, succession planning may have struggled to garner leadership attention amidst significant challenges associated with the pandemic. But given the talent shortages, turnover and retirements, the talent landscape in health care is rapidly shifting and efforts are needed to consider and plan for the future of leadership.

"I think part of it is just identifying the personalities and the type of people you want in these roles before they know it. And then giving people opportunities." David Perlstein, M.D., president and CEO, SBH Health System

Based on input from hospital and health system leadership, AHA, in partnership with talent management firm, STS, has compiled a guide to evaluating your organization’s current state for succession planning and identifying key factors for developing or enhancing your program. 

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