Be Well

The AHA Physician Alliance connects clinicians with resources and experiences framed by three fundamental values: Lead Well, Be Well and Care Well. These values foster shared decision-making and forge a common language among all health care leaders.

Be Well is about improving the health of clinicians. The Alliance offers immersion experiences to address resilience, a growing in-depth knowledge hub with research, insights, assessment tools and interviews with leaders addressing burnout in their organizations.




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Health Care Worker Well-being


Health Care Worker Well-being

The American Hospital Association has a robust series of resources to help hospital leaders strengthen existing efforts and create new actions that support health care worker well-being. Here are some highlights.

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Science-Based Strategies to Promote Clinician Well- Being and Safety

Human Factors and Ergonomics (HFE) draws from multiple sciences to understand and optimize interactions between people and their work environment and process. Applying the science behind HFE empowers leaders to strategically budget the highly trained cognitive resources of their institution and reduce the occupational stress on clinicians and others.

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AHA Leadership Experience

Increasing demands on physician and administrative leaders have created an epidemic of burnout. AHA Leadership Experience helps participants create a new professional strategy to offset the demands of the 24/7/365, fast-paced and unrelenting health care environment. Participants develop a powerful new ability to create new skills, patterns and rituals that intentionally create equilibrium between the competing dimensions of their lives. Participants learn to elevate their personal leadership in every aspect of their lives, which allows them to regain control of what is foundationally core, and what truly matters most in their life and work.


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The Clinician Well-being Playbook

Addressing burnout among clinicians and other health care professionals is a top challenge facing hospitals and health systems today, and fundamental to delivering high quality care. As health care continues to push the edges of what is possible in the care of our patients, we also must ensure that we focus on the care of our teams so they may best help our communities. These resources will help you take action by systematically tackling drivers of burnout and implementing changes to promote well-being.