October 27, 2023 Michael Chernew, Ph.D. Chairman Medicare Payment Advisory Commission 425 I Street, NW, Suite 701 Washington, DC 20001 Dear Dr. Chernew:
This page contains materials related to AHA’s current and active policy-related litigation.
The AHA weighs in on a number of issues of importance to hospitals and health systems, as well as the patients they care for, as they come before the court. Below are our most recent friend-of-the-court briefs.
The Supreme Court of the United States Nov. 10, 2020, heard oral arguments in the case of California v. Texas, in which those opposed to the Affordable Care Act contend that when Congress set the tax penalty for failing to purchase insurance at zero dollars, the ACA’s requirement that most…
340B Delayed Regulations on Transparency and CMPs Stipulation of Dismissal, April 25, 2019 Joint Status Report and Stipulation of Dismissal, April 25, 2019
Appeals court sends order to eliminate backlog of Medicare appeals back to trial court (August 11, 2017) Government's reply brief in the ALJ Delay Mandamus Appeal (April 6, 2017)