Trustee Trends in 2024: 
New Twists to Familiar Challenges

Health care boards and their organizations must adapt to meet new changes and requirements

As health care continues changing, how will health care leaders adapt and change with it? What headwinds should board members be aware of? Issues range from the use of AI in health care spaces to health care disruptors to the implementation of the CMS Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement (QAPI) program. Some of these issues overlap: might AI be useful in managing workforce pressure? Could outreach or lack thereof to Gen Z affect a hospital’s quality metrics?

This article from AHA’s Trustee Services speaks to the major trends we expect will affect hospital and health system trustees in 2024 and beyond. Each section contains Trustee Discussion Topics that can serve as a way to assess your organization’s readiness for the future. These questions can also be used by boards to serve as a starting point for these vital conversations. Trustee Services will continue this conversation as we look to the future for board members.

Trustee Trends 2024

Trustee Trends 2024

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