Baptist Health Encourages Arkansans to Make a ‘Powerful’ Choice and Get Vaccinated

For many Arkansans getting the COVID-19 vaccine at a Baptist Health clinic, the decision was made after a little reflection. One community member confessed he was “kind of on the fence” at first about getting vaccinated. Even pediatrician Janell Vinson, M.D., admitted she was “a little nervous,” in a video posted on YouTube.

Ultimately, these community members and health system employees chose to get vaccinated to protect their family, friends and themselves. To trust the science behind the vaccines. To do everything possible to prevent contracting COVID-19 — a first or second time — and thus avoid serious illness and complications due to underlying medical conditions.

The COVID-19 vaccine information page on the Baptist Health website explains what’s at stake:

“Choice is a powerful thing. As a community we recognize the incredible impact COVID-19 has had on our lives. You have the choice to help Arkansas shape our new path forward beyond this virus. By taking action and getting the vaccine, you are helping protect your family, friends, coworkers and fellow residents in the state of Arkansas. You play a crucial role in ending the pandemic by receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.”

Videos posted on the health system’s website and on YouTube feature Arkansans sharing their “why” for getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

Baptist Health teams administer the COVID-19 vaccine at clinics in Little Rock, North Little Rock, Fort Smith, Conway, Malvern, Arkadelphia and Heber Springs. 

In addition, Baptist Health Community Outreach offers several drive-thru COVID-19 vaccine “pop-up” clinics across Arkansas. All Arkansans age 12 and older are eligible to get the shot.

To further encourage confidence in the COVID-19 vaccine, the health system posts “BHealthy” blogs, with frequently asked questions and myths vs. facts about the COVID-19 vaccine. One recent blog in the series, “10 Reasons to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine,” points out that common sides effects with the vaccine are “much better than dealing with COVID-19 infection and recovery that could include a hospital stay.” The blog also reminds people they can attend sporting events and other activities with large crowds and ensure a more normal experience for children returning to school in the fall, if everyone does their part and gets vaccinated.

All COVID-19 vaccine information on the Baptist Health website is in English and Spanish, so everyone in the community can access key resources and important information to make their own powerful decision to get vaccinated.