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June 2008

The following materials were recently added to the collection:

100 Years: Bridgeport Hospital 1878-1978. Bridgeport, CN: Bridgeport Hospital, 1978. (WX 28 AC8 B8B85W 1978).

100 Years of Caring. Iowa City, IA: The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, 1998. (WX 28 AI8 I6U58 1998).

1897 into the Future: A Special Issue of Highlights, Celebrating More Than 100 Years at Parkland. Dallas, TX: Parkland Health & Hospital System, 2002. (WX 28 AT4 D3P2p 2002).

A Century of Caring. Manitowoc, WI: Holy Family Convent, 1999. (WX 28 AW6 M2H7 1999).

A Century of Caring 1889-1989. Rochester, MN: Saint Marys Hospital, 1988. (WX 28 AM6 R6SM3S 1988).

A Century of Healthcare. Redlands, CA: Redlands Community Hospital, 2004. (WX 28 AC2 R3R3 2004).

A Century of Service. Dixon, IL: KSB Hospital, 1997. (WX 28 AI3 D62K19s 1997).

A Century of Service Cabrini Medical Center 1892-1992. New York: Cabrini Medical Center, 1992. (WX 28 AN7 N4c11 1992).

"A Medical School in this College". (W 19 M489c 1997).

Always Reaching Higher. Marshfield, WI: Saint Joseph's Hospital Ministry Health Care, 2007. (WX 28 AW6 M3SJ6s 2007).

Avery, C., and McWilliams, J. A Century of Care. Annapolis, MD: Anne Arundel Medical Center, 2002. (WX 28 AM3 A6A6A 2002).

Baker, T. The Waverly Hospital. Waverly, IA: Waverly Health Center Foundation, 2004. (WX 28 AI8 W3W3B 2004).

Beck, B. St. Vincent the Spirit of Caring. Indianapolis, IN: St. Vincent Health, 2006. (WX 28 AI6 I5S2B 2006).

Building Upon a Vision. Rockford, IL: Rockford Clinic, 2001. (WX 28 AI3 R7R6R 2001).

Burns, L. Central Vermont Hospital. Barre, VT: Central Vermont Medical Center, Inc., Mar. 2001. (WX 28 AV5 B5C397B 2001).

Byrne, L., and Cammack, A. Heritage: The Story of St. Mary’s Hospital 1880-1980. Tucson, AZ: St. Mary’s Hospital and Health Center, 1981. (WX 28 AA7 T8SM3B 1981).

Celebrating a Century of Caring. Cincinnati, OH: Bethesda, 1996. (WX 28 A03 C585 1996).

Colacchio, T. Dartmouth-Hitchcock Clinic 75th Anniversary Commemorative Address. Lebanon, NH: Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, 2003. (WX 28 AN3 L4D226c 2003).

Commemorative History of Englewood Hospital 1890-1990. Englewood, NJ: Englewood Hospital, 1990. (WX 28 AN4 E5E5E 1990).

Edson, J. Brooklyn First. New York: The Long Island College Hospital, 1993. (WX 28 AN6 N4L6E 1993).

Elwood, J. Known Simply to the Rest of the World as Carville... Washington: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 1994. (WC 28 AL6 C3G481 1994 and Suppl.).

Elwood, J. With Love in Their Hearts. Washington: Department of Health and Human Services, 1996. (WC 28 AL6 C3G481 1996).

Fishell, D. Towers of Healing: The First 125 Years of Denver’s Saint Joseph Hospital. Denver, CO: The Saint Joseph Hospital Foundation, 1999. (WX 28 AC6 D4SJ2e 1999).

Froedtert Hospital. Milwaukee, WI: Froedtert Hospital, 2005. (WX 28 AW6 M6F9 2005).

Gallagher, A. Huron Hospital, 1874-1999. Cleveland, OH: Cleveland Clinic Health System, 1999. (WX 28 AO3 C6H9G 1999).

Gardner, J. Neighbor Caring for Neighbor. :Memorial Health Alliance, 1996. (WX 28 AN4 B9M53G 1996).

Good Samaritan Hospital: 150th Anniversary Memories 1852-2002. (WY 28 A03 C5G6 2002).

Healy, M. Walking in the Spirit. Fanny Allen Hospital, 1894-1994. Colchester, VT: Fanny Allen Hospital, 1993. (WX AV5 C6F2H 1993).

Historic Mission: Progressive Vision: 170 Years of Caring for Our Community 1938-2007. Cleveland, OH: The MetroHealth System, 2007. (WX 28 AO3 C5C8m 2007).

Hockle, H. A Century of Serving. Jonesboro, AK: Pinpoint Color, 2000. (WX 28 AA8 J7SB5H 2000).

Koop, S. We Hold This Treasure. The Story of Gillette Children's Hospital. Afton, MN: Afton Historical Society Press, 1998. (WX 28 AM6 SP3G5K 1998).

Krieg, R., and Cooksey, J. Provident Hospital: A Living Legacy. Chicago: The Provident Foundation, 1998. (WX 28 AI3 C5P9K 1998).

Krumpelman, F. A Story of Saint Joseph Hospital. Lexington, KY: Saint Joseph Hospital, 1998. (WX 28 AK4 L6SJ6K 1998).

Lake Forest Hospital: 100 Years of Caring 1899-1999. Lake Forest, IL: Lake Forest Hospital, 1999. (WX 28 AI3 L1L1 1999).

Land, D., and Harris, E. 100 Years at Richmond State Hospital. Richmond, IN: AA Agency, Aug. 15, 1990. (WM 28 AI6 R5R5Z 1990).

Lehnhoff, H. A History of Bishop Clarkson Memorial Hospital 1869-1986. Omaha, NE: Bishop Clarkson Memorial Hospital, 1987. (WX 28 AN1 04B6L 1987).

Lehr, T., and Maples, P. To Serve the Community: A Celebration of Rochester General Hospital 1847-1997. Virginia Beach, VA: The Donning Company/Publishers, 1997. (WX 28 AN6 R6R6L 1997).

Lloyd, J., editor. St. Helena Hospital: 125 Years of Remarkable Medicine. St. Helena, CA: St. Helena Hospital, 2004. (WX 28 AC2 D2SH2S 2004).

Lovell, S. The Good Cause in Which We Are Engaged: Blodgett Memorial Medical Center. 150 Years of Caring for the Community. Grand Rapids, MI: Blodgett Memorial Medical Center, 1997. (WX 28 AM5 G7B6L 1997).

Lower, A. A Centennial History (1889-1989). Sheltering Arms Hospital. Richmond, VA: The William Byrd Press, 1989. (WX 28 AV8 R585L 1989).

Lutheran Hospital, 100. Ft. Wayne, IN: Lutheran Hospital, 2004. (WX 28 AI6 F6L8 2004).

Matheny, E. The Presence of Care. Kansas City, MO: Saint Luke's Hospital Press, 1997. (WX 28 AM8 K1SL95M 1997).

Martin, R. 125 Years of Service: St. Luke’s Hospital 1873-1998. Jacksonville, FL: Smith & Daniel Marketing and Public Relations, 2000. (WX 28 AF4 J2SL8m 2000).

McCullough, H. The People of Progress. Pittsburgh, PA: The Western Pennsylvania Hospital, 1998. (WX 28 AP4 P52W4M 1998).

McGehee, S. A Century of Care. Parsons, WV: McClain Printing Company, 1996. (WX 28 AW4 B6B6M 1996).

McGreevy, K. A Century of Care, A Journey of Faith. Mitchell, SD: Avera Queen of Peace Health Services, 2006. (WX 28 AS8 M6A9M 2006).

McGuire, H. Medical College of Virginia Hospitals: 125 Years of Health Care 1861-1986. Richmond, VA: Virginia Commonwealth University, 1986. (WX 28 AV8R5M4M 1986).

Mercer Medical Center Centennial Annual Report 1995. Trenton, NJ: Mercer Medical Center, 1995. (WX 28 AN4 T7M4m 1995).

Mercer Medical Center Honors the 100th Year of Its Medical Staff. Trenton, NJ: Mercer Medical Center, 1993. (WX 28 AN4 T7M4m 1993).

New York-Presbyterian Healthcare System. New York Methodist Hospital. Brooklyn, NY: New York Methodist Hospital, 2007. (WX 28 AN6 B8N5N 207).

O'Connor, C. Hope and Healing. St. Louis, MO: St. Louis Children's Hospital, 2006. (WX 26 AM6 S2C50 2006).

Parker, B. Memorial: A Ministry of Healing. Chattanooga, TN: Parker Hood Press, 1997. (WX 28 AT2 C4M5P 1997).

Presbyterian Hospital: The Spirit of Caring 1903-1985. Dallas: Taylor Publishing Company, 1991 (WX 28 AN8 C4P9G 1991).

Reminiscing: A Hundred Years of Laughter and Tears. Bismark, ND: St. Alexius Medical Center, 1985. (WX 28 AN9 B6SA38 1985).

Ritterband, V. Happy 125th Birthday Newton-Wellesley Hospital. Newton Magazine, May 2006. (WX 28 AM4 N4N4R 2006).

Roth, S. M. Touched by Mercy. Hiawatha, IA: Cedar Graphics, 2000. (WX 28 AI8 C3M5R 2000).

Saint John's Health System. A Saint's Work is Never Done 1994. 100 Years. Anderson, IN: Saint John's Health System, 1994. (WX 28 A16 A5S2S 1994).

Sawyer, S. A Hospital Without Walls. Chattanooga, TN: Parker Hood Press, Inc., 1995. (WX 28 A64 M1M4S 1995).

Shalhoub, P. Images of America Jersey City. Charleston, SC: Arcadia Publishing, 1995. (WX 28 AN4 S52j 1995).

Sink, A. The Grit Behind the Miracle. Lanham, MD: University Press of America, Inc., 1998. (WC 28 AN8 S617g 1998).

Sisters of Providence in the West 1856-2006. Celebrating God's Favor. Seattle, WA: Sisters of Providence, 2006. (WX 28 AW2 S623S 2006).

Smithwick, P. The Art of Healing. Baltimore, MD: Union Memorial Hospital, 2004. (WX 28 AN3 B3U5S 2004).

Stevenson, S. St. Peter Hospital. Olympia, WA: Sisters of Providence, 1987. (WX 28 AW2 O5SP47S 1987).

St. Vincent's Healing Mission. Green Bay, WI: St. Vincent Hospital, 1997. (WX 28 AA8 L7SV768 1997).

Terry, G. With Faith and a Marketbasket: The Story of St. Barnabas, The First Hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1871-1991. Elk River, MN: DeForest Press, 2005. (WX 28 AM6 M5SB2t 2005).

The Story of Saint Joseph's Hospital. Marshfield, WI: Saint Joseph's Hospital, 1991. (WX 28 AW6 M3SJ6 1991).

Tompkins, W. Cottage Hospital: The First Hundred Years. Santa Barbara, CA: Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital Foundation, 1988. (WX 28 AC2 S23S23T 1988).

Topp, J., Meyer, A., and Terranova, J. A History of the Rockford Clinic. Rockford, IL: Rockford Clinic, 1989. (WX 28 R7R6T 1989).

Trebon, T. A Common Need: Whidbey General Hospital. Oak Harbor, WA: Whidbey Printers, 2000. (WX 28 AW2 W5W5T 2000).

Williams, A. Rex Hospital: A Centenial Celebration. Raleigh, NC: Rex Hospital, Inc., 1994. (WX 28 AN8 R1R4M 1994).