Members-Only Call: The Value of Patient/Peer Advisory Groups

Members-Only Call
The Value of Patient/Peer Advisory Groups: Improving Behavioral Health Services at Northern Kaiser Permanente, Oakland, CA

Held January 18, 2017

Please join a small group of your executive colleagues for a conference call and discussion. Stuart Buttlaire, Ph.D., Regional Director of Inpatient Psychiatry and Continuing Care, Northern Kaiser Permanente, Oakland, CA will share the ongoing evolution of Kaiser’s Behavioral Health Advisory Council.

Dr. Buttlaire will describe the selection, composition and qualifications of their Advisory Council which is comprised primarily of individuals who either themselves or family members have consumed behavioral health services at Kaiser. He will share how the Council’s input has driven the modification of several elements in the Kaiser behavioral health service line advancing the quality of care and patient satisfaction. Moreover he’ll articulate how Kaiser works with Council members to reduce stigma in the Community.


Presentation slides (PDF)

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