RAC Update Archive

RAC update archive

RAC News Updates (Members Only)


AHA members-only conference call June 10 on ALJ delay, 6/5/14

AHA survey: Hospitals appealing half of RAC claim denials, 5/29/14

Challenges to two-midnight and related policies filed, 04/17/14

Legislation extends partial enforcement delay of two-midnight rule, 04/03/14

Congressman Urges HHS to Modify RAC Program, 03/20/14

Hospitals urged to respond to AHA survey on Probe & Educate audits, 03/06/14

Medicare contractors to re-review two-midnight denials, 02/27/14

CMS announces RAC program changes, ‘pause’ in audits, 02/20/14

House members urge HHS secretary to ‘immediately’ reform RAC process, 02/14/14

AHA urges CMS, Congress to address delay in RAC-related appeals, 01/15/14

CMS extends current RAC contracts through June 1, 01/09/14

RAC Update: November 20, 2013

RAC Update: August 23, 2013

RAC Update: April 19, 2013

RAC Update: April 12, 2013

RAC Update: April 5, 2013

RAC Update: April 4, 2013

RAC Update: March 15, 2013

RAC Update: January 11, 2013

RAC Update: December 19, 2012

RAC Update: October 23, 2012

RAC Update: October 5, 2012

RAC Update: CMS to host Aug 9 call on Medicare prepayment review demonstration, 07/31/12

RAC Update: CMS Change for RAC Region A, 07/20/12

RAC News: RACs Expected to Target IRFs in 2012, 02/09/12

RAC Update: Information regarding the commencement of medical necessity reviews in RAC Region B, 08/13/10

RAC Update: CMS to Host National Call on Section 935 Limitation on Recoupment on Wednesday, May 26th, 04/28/10

RAC Update: News on the Medicare Recovery Audit Contractor Program, 03/01/10

RAC Update: RAC Reverses Inappropriate Medical Records Request, 01/28/10

RAC Update: News on the Medicare Recovery Audit Contractor Program, 1/11/10