AHA Job Opportunities - The Recruitment Process

The AHA has a thorough and detailed recruitment process to ensure each hiring manager and final candidate will have the information necessary to make a good decision regarding whether or not there is strong business and cultural alignments for mutual success. We have found this process helps clarify everyone's priorities and delineates the strengths each person brings to the organization.

Getting Started

Applications are only accepted online through the link for each posting. You will be asked to upload your resume and will have the option to upload a cover letter as well. Once you complete the online application, you will receive an email notification confirming that we received your application. You will be contacted if we believe your background and qualifications to be a good match for the position for which you applied. The online application and assessments should take you approximately 15-30 minutes.

We only accept online applications for posted positions.

There are two types of positions that we post: regular and temporary.

Regular positions - these may be full time (37.5 hours /week) or part-time with the hours/days designated on the posting. These positions have a 90-day Introductory Period and receive AHA benefits.

Temporary positions - these may be full time or part-time positions that are paid on an hourly basis for a limited time period. Employees filling temporary positions may apply for regular positions and are considered "external" applicants. These positions generally last 3 - 6 months and do not receive any benefits.

Screening Process

If you are contacted by HR, it will be to schedule a telephone interview with the recruiter assigned to the position. The telephone interview is an opportunity for the candidate to learn more about the AHA and the position, and for the recruiter to learn more about the skills, knowledge, and abilities each candidate would bring to the position. The recruiter will have specific questions related to the position to be filled and will be prepared to answer questions candidates may have regarding the vacancy.

If you are invited for an onsite interview, you will be required to complete a preliminary work assignment. We ask all candidates to complete a preliminary work assignment to demonstrate their ability to perform the key requirements of the position. The candidate will be asked to share their preliminary work assignment with a panel selected by the hiring manager at their first onsite interview.

In addition to the panel presentation and discussion, candidates will have a personal interview with the hiring manager and may be asked to meet with potential co-workers and other senior leaders as well. This is an opportunity for candidates to learn more about the position and the people they would be working with on a regular basis.

Finally, each candidate meets with their recruiter to turn in an Employment Detail and Release Form and review the AHA benefits package.