AHA Advocacy Alert on Funding Bill to Combat COVID-19

Contact Your Senators, Representative Today and Urge Them to Provide $100 Billion in Funding to Hospitals and Health Systems in Coronavirus Legislation

Please reach out to your lawmakers immediately as discussions are moving quickly


Leaders from the Senate, House and Administration continue to negotiate a third spending package related to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has introduced the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES/S. 3548); however, the Senate legislative language does not reflect a bipartisan agreement. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also has suggested that the House Democrats may release their own package to reflect their priorities. See the summary for provisions included in the legislation introduced by McConnell.

While we appreciate that the current legislation includes funding and provisions – such as funding to reimburse hospitals for COVID-19 expenses, elimination of the Medicare sequester through December 2020 and delaying the Medicaid Disproportionate Share Hospital cuts by two years – that are important to hospitals and health systems, we believe that additional areas should be included in the package.

Please contact your senators and representative today and urge them to allocate $100 billion to frontline health care personnel and providers and direct the federal agencies to begin to infuse funds immediately so that providers can afford to take the necessary steps to combat COVID-19.

In addition to what is included in the legislation introduced by McConnell, please urge your senators and representative to include the following, among other issues, in any legislation addressing COVID-19.

  • Low-interest loans to health care organizations;
  • Establish supplemental advanced payments to acute care and critical access hospitals;
  • Fully waive long-term care hospital regulations, including the site-neutral policy, that impede their ability to increase the capacity of the health care system without penalty; and
  • Reciprocal medical licensure in states.

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