[SPONSORED] Using a ‘defense in depth’ strategy to strengthen your cyber posture

Health care is currently seeing a dramatic increase in cyberattacks, including disruptive ransomware attacks that interrupt patient care and risk patient safety, as well as impact hospital and health system business operations. It is essential that health care organizations understand the current cyber risk landscape and understand that cyberthreats are a true enterprise risk. Acknowledging this, they can take proactive measures to prepare for and mitigate cyber risk with focused attention on fast-moving, real-time threats. Join us to hear to insights from health care cybersecurity experts and AHA members, including our own John Riggi, AHA’s National Advisor for cybersecurity and risk, who spent nearly 30 years as a highly decorated veteran of the FBI and now serves as National Advisor for Cybersecurity and Risk at the American Hospital Association and their 5000+ member hospitals. John and his expert colleagues from Denver Health and Fort Defiance Indian Hospital will discuss how hospitals and health systems can create a stronger cybersecurity posture to protect their expanded networks, their data, and most importantly, their patients and the communities they serve. Today’s podcast is brought to you through the generous support of [redacted], an American Hospital Association Preferred Cybersecurity Service Provider for Healthcare Security Services and Incident Response specifically for small and medium hospitals up to 300 beds.