Leadership Dialogue Series: Health Care and Climate Change with Joanne Conroy, M.D.

In the midst of all the change surrounding the health care field right now, the impact of climate change has sometimes been overlooked. But for Dartmouth Health in New Hampshire, that is starting to … what else? … change. The health care field is increasingly aware of the impact of climate change. More and more, organizations are thinking about how to address environmental sustainability. On this Leadership Dialogue Series podcast, AHA Board Chair Wright L. Lassiter III is joined by Joanne M. Conroy, M.D., CEO and president of Dartmouth Health in Hanover, New Hampshire. Conroy also is the Chair-elect Designate of the AHA Board of Trustees. The two health care leaders discuss the creation of a group, the Alliance for Health and Climate Change, which is focused on identifying big and small changes to decrease the Dartmouth’s carbon footprint. Conroy tells Wright that her employees have lots of good ideas, such as covering all parking areas with solar panels, and Dartmouth Health is open to trying as many of them as it can.