Reducing Cyber Risks That Threaten Patient Safety and Care Delivery with CENSINET

“We want to make sure that every provider has the ability to protect itself and its patients, and not have to worry about budgets or funding to do the right thing.”

Those words from a leading health care cybersecurity expert are music to the ears of hospital and health system leaders whose systems have been the target of criminal cybersecurity intrusions … both attempted and successful. So, how can providers achieve this higher level of safety from cyber-attacks?

In this episode we are joined by Ed Gaudet, founder of Censinet, one of the AHA’s carefully vetted Preferred Cybersecurity Providers. Gaudet is an expert of many years in the field. In addition to leading his company, he is active on a government task force establish by “The Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2015” whose mission is to improve cybersecurity in health care. Along the way, Ed crossed paths with John Riggi, AHA’s National Advisor for Cybersecurity and Risk.

In this podcast, John and Ed discuss how Censinet’s approach to cyber security can help members - regardless of size or budget - to reduce the cyber risks that threaten patient safety and care delivery.