How Hackensack Meridian Health’s Lab Helped Accelerate Their Value-based Care Journey

Today’s podcast is brought to you by Quest Diagnostics. Value-based health care is truly a game changer — a model that pays care providers based on patient outcomes, not on the amount of services delivered. It is the wave of the future, the direction that nearly all hospitals and health systems are moving toward towards regardless of size or services provided. Every hospital function has a role to play in achieving value-based care, including one that patients have little direct contact with: the laboratory. Hospitals labs perform lots of different tests and diagnostics on behalf of patients. And they’re really good at it. But like most functions, if you look long and hard enough at it, you’ll identify ways to improve.

Join us to hear insights from Hackensack Meridian Health on how they were able to accelerate their value-based care journey by taking advantage of three unique ways that the laboratory can help define better clinical pathways, minimize care variation across various diagnosis codes and realize savings.


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