AHA Virtual Advocacy Day February 1, 2022, Digital Toolkit

Provide Hospitals with Additional Support to Fight COVID-19

With both the delta and omicron variants exerting tremendous strain on our health care system, we are calling on Congress to include several key priorities to support hospitals and health systems as part of any must-pass legislative package next month.

We encourage members to customize social posts with information about the pandemic’s impact on your hospital/health system, as well as specifically how additional COVID-19 relief would strengthen access to care in your communities and how your hospital/system operates. For customized messages, please include the hashtag #ProtectHospitals.

General Advocacy Day

  • I’m joining health care providers and AHA to ask Congress for support on:
    • Provider Relief Fund
    • Medicare Sequester Relief
    • Repayment Delay for Medicare Accelerated and Advance Payments
    • 340B Hospital Eligibility
  • All of the above

Provider Relief Funds

  • The Provider Relief Fund has been a lifeline to hospitals across the country, but despite record level hospitalizations due to the Delta and Omicron variants distributions haven’t been announced for expenses. I urge Congress to act to distribute the remaining funds in the PRF to providers. #ProtectHospitals
  • The delta and omicron variants have put an additional strain on the nation’s hospitals. Congress, please provide additional Provider Relief Funds so hospitals can have the funds needed to enhance the health of their communities. #ProtectHospitals http://ow.ly/zZCW50HEtrY
  • Distributing the remaining funds in the Provider Relief Fund can help ‘INSERT HOSPITAL NAME’:
    • Recruit and pay for health care providers
    • Help recover from increased expenses from #COVID19 variants
    • Help expand health care access to the community
    #ProtectHospitals http://ow.ly/zZCW50HEtrY

Medicare Sequester Relief

  • The costs of the #delta and #omicron surges have laid a heavy financial burden on hospitals and health systems. Congress, help hospitals and health systems advance the health of their communities — extend the Medicare sequester relief. #ProtectHospitals http://ow.ly/zZCW50HEtrY
  • The pandemic is still putting financial stress on hospitals, especially with #Omicron surge stretching the workforce thin. Congress, extend the Medicare sequester relief so hospitals have the resources to care for their communities. #ProtectHospitals http://ow.ly/zZCW50HEtrY

Medicare Accelerated and Advance Payments

  • The Accelerated and Advance Payments Programs have given much needed flexibility to hospitals to deal with #COVID19. Health care providers are asking for a six-month suspension of repayments to recoup from costs of the delta and omicron surges. #ProtectHospitals http://ow.ly/zZCW50HEtrY

340B Hospital Eligibility

  • The pandemic has temporarily lowered hospitals’ DSH percentage, which has threatened their eligibility for 340B Drug Pricing Program. Congress needs to ensure hospitals who had changes to their DSH adjustment retain eligibility in 340B and can continue to participate in this program to help the community. #ProtectHospitals http://ow.ly/zZCW50HEtrY
  • The 340B program provides hospitals with patients on Medicaid resources to provide medications to their communities at discounted prices. Congress, ensure hospitals who had changes to their DSH adjustment retain their eligibility in 340B. #ProtectHospitals http://ow.ly/zZCW50HEtrY