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Analysis Fails to Recognize Charity Care is Only Part of a Hospital’s Total Community Benefit

Apr 21, 2021
The mission of all hospitals and health systems, regardless of size and type of ownership, is to care for their communities and patients. In fact, an Ernst and Young report from 2017 demonstrates that for every dollar invested in non-profit hospitals and health systems through the federal tax exemption, $11 in benefits is delivered back to communities.

New research on nonprofit hospitals’ charity care is incomplete

Feb 18, 2020
AHA General Counsel Melinda Hatton responds to a research letter on charity care published JAMA Internal Medicine.

America’s hospitals and health systems have the right to expect more from FTC

Jan 29, 2020
AHA General Counsel Melinda Hatton writes that recent suggestions by FTC officials that the agency intends to challenge every hospital merger in the pipeline and antipathy toward Certificates of Public Advantage are troubling on a number of levels.

Commentary paints incomplete picture of coordinated networks of care

Feb 21, 2019
“Competition? It’s What the Doctor Ordered” paints an incomplete picture of how coordinated networks of care among hospitals and health systems affect health care delivery. Not only does it leave out many key facts on the benefits to patients and communities…it also attempts to draw broad conclusions based on limited and incomparable studies and data.

Hospitals provide benefits tailored to their community

Dec 10, 2018
AHA response to Modern Healthcare story "Flaws in reporting create knowledge vacuum regarding community benefits"

Perspective: Making Regulatory Relief Real

Sep 7, 2018
There is a lot of focus today on health care costs, and what can be done to contain them. One sure-fire strategy? Reduce the regulatory burden that is drowning providers in red tape and adding costs to the system.

Perspective: The Role of Regulatory Relief in Improving Affordability

Aug 3, 2018
We need our government partners to step up and help reduce costs – especially the costs related to the heavy administrative burden faced by health care providers, costs unrelated to delivering patient care.  

Perspective: Lifting the Burden on America’s Hospitals and Health Systems

Apr 27, 2018
We’re pleased to see CMS follow through on its commitment to reduce regulatory burden. This is crucially needed as we continue, and accelerate, the transition to value-based care.

Redefining the ‘H’

Mar 9, 2018
Health care is changing…and hospitals and health systems are transforming to meet the evolving needs of our patients and communities.