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Hospital price growth remains in check, cherry-picked claims do not

Sep 16, 2020
An all-too-common activity among some researchers is cherry picking data to support pre-conceived arguments. One of these false narratives is that hospitals and health systems are uniquely responsible for increased health care prices. But an examination of comprehensive data tell a different story.
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A Path to Equity for Rural Health

Aug 10, 2020
Right before the COVID-19 outbreak occurred, AHA’s Institute for Diversity and Health Equity (IFDHE) convened more than 65 leaders, trustees and clinicians from rural hospitals across the country at AHA’s annual Rural Conference. We inquired about strategies for health equity in rural communities, as well as these communities’ most common areas of disparity or need.

Blog: Rural hospitals innovate during COVID-19

Aug 7, 2020
Rural hospitals, already facing enormous challenges, quickly adapted when COVID-19 reached their communities. In this blog, John Supplitt, senior director of AHA Rural Health Services, points to the many examples of rural teams using innovative measures to improve quality of patient care during the pandemic.

Perspective: Protecting Medicaid for our Most Vulnerable Citizens

Feb 7, 2020
AHA President and CEO Rick Pollack provides perspective on Medicaid and details potential cuts to the program which threaten millions of America’s most vulnerable patients.

Chair File: Rural hospitals more indispensable than ever

Feb 3, 2020
Rural hospitals are community strongholds, serving as the key point of care for nearly 20% of Americans.

Latest PhRMA “report” attempt to divert attention away from skyrocketing drug prices

Dec 19, 2019
The pharmaceutical industry’s latest “report” is an obvious attempt to divert attention away from a problem of their own making: skyrocketing drug prices.

Report misrepresents 340B program to deflect from sky high drug prices

Nov 22, 2019
The latest report from AIR340B continues to misrepresent a program with a more than 25-year history of helping hospitals stretch scarce financial resources to expand and improve access to lifesaving prescription drugs and comprehensive health services for the many patients served by participating hospitals. 

Chairman’s file: Spotlighting rural hospitals and rural health

Nov 18, 2019
Preserving rural health and advancing health in America go hand-in-hand.

Perspective: Reducing the regulatory burden to improve coordinated patient care

Oct 18, 2019
By removing outdated barriers to teamwork, hospitals and doctors will be able to advance health in America.

Chairman’s File: ACOs improving quality, reducing costs

Oct 7, 2019
Hospitals and health systems are leading transformative efforts to provide better care at lower costs for patients and communities.