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Chair File: Friday to Focus on Hope and Healing

Jun 3, 2020
June 5 is the fourth annual Hospitals Against Violence Hope (#HAVhope) Friday.

AHA's HCC creates partnerships, resources and better care

Jan 29, 2020
During the yearlong Hospital Community Cooperative pilot program, 10 hospital and community organization teams achieved 300 sustainable community health improvement outputs and promoted health equity. Learn more about the HCC’s initial success as the program grows in 2020.

Chairman’s File: Saluting hospital efforts to improve community health

Oct 21, 2019
As we seek innovative ways to improve the health of our communities, it is more important than ever for hospitals and health systems to partner with others.

Attend the March 19-21 ACHI conference to learn strategies to advance well-being and health equity for individuals and communities

Feb 12, 2019
AHA’s Association for Community Health Improvement’s annual conference is a chance for health care leaders to shape population health and equity initiatives from the ground up.

Perspective: Going for the Gold

Feb 16, 2018
Every day, Olympic-sized talent, dedication and drive are on display at hospitals and health systems across America.

Hospitals Are Essential Anchors in Their Communities

Oct 13, 2017
Recent events have reminded us that in times of crisis, whether natural or man-made, hospitals are always there, ready to care.

Hospitals Innovate New Strategies to Fight Opioid Crisis

Aug 11, 2017
More than 140 Americans die from a drug overdose every day – that’s more than from gun homicides and car crashes combined.  Most of these deaths are due to prescription painkillers, heroin and

Community conversations

Jul 31, 2017
America’s hospitals take a lot of pride in staying close to their communities. We like to believe we have our fingers on the pulse of the people we serve.

How Hospitals Are Benefiting the Communities They Serve

Jul 18, 2017
POLITICO’s recent piece on the impact of the Affordable Care Act on non-profit hospitals is an incomplete and inaccurate understanding of the situation hospitals currently face and the ben

Volunteers Working to Combat Violence in Communities

Jun 23, 2017
The commitment to address and work to end violence in our communities and hospitals is a priority for all members of the hospital staff and care teams.