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Analysis Gets it Wrong on Health Care Spending

Oct 6, 2020
A recent analysis from the Peterson Center on Healthcare and the Kaiser Family Foundation, “What drives health spending in the U.S. compared to other countries,” does not provide a full picture on health care spending in the U.S. while also downplaying the immense role that drug costs play in overall health care spending.

AHA: Commentary ‘regurgitates misinformation’ about hospital consolidation

Apr 20, 2020
America’s hospitals and health systems have been intensely focused on preparing to care for patients suffering from the novel coronavirus. From the very outset of the outbreak, hospitals have significantly transformed their operations – from the use of virtual care to devising solutions to deal with the shortages of drugs and equipment, such as ventilators – to respond aggressively to the pandemic.

Kaufman: FTC says no to social justice

Mar 2, 2020
In this guest blog, Kenneth Kaufman, chair of Kaufman Hall, looks at the Federal Trade Commission’s recent move to stop the proposed merger of Philadelphia-based Jefferson Health and Einstein Healthcare Network.

The echo chamber propagates the same old same old for hospital mergers: we can do better.

Feb 3, 2020
Hospital mergers are worth discussing, but too often the criticism is far from rigorous and is more like an echo chamber where critics cite those with whom they agree and ignore inconvenient facts that show how the hospital field continues provide quality care in their communities.

Another flawed article on hospital consolidation gets undeserved attention

Jan 31, 2020
Chief among the flaws in the most recent study on hospital consolidation published in the New England Journal of Medicine was that its conclusions were informed by preconceived notions of what the authors thought the data should show, which was then undermined further by the arbitrary choices made in comparing hospitals. Unfortunately, the media, once again, failed to closely examine the conclusions, in many instances exaggerating or misrepresenting the findings to manufacture attention-grabbing headlines.

AHA responds to Wall Street Journal article on consolidation and quality

Jan 10, 2020
In addition to improving quality, mergers produce important cost savings and do not increase revenues.

One-sided report on hospital consolidation falls flat

Oct 31, 2019
A new study from Georgetown University’s Center on Health Insurance Reforms (CHIR) is another one-sided view of the changing health care landscape that has several key limitations that make it a less than useful view of hospital mergers. 

Perspective: Engaging members to shape the future

Sep 20, 2019
Despite what they say about gridlock and nothing going on in Washington, there actually is a lot going on in real time that has a real impact on our field … and we have the opportunity to influence

AHA Stat Blog: Mergers help health systems keep patient data secure

Sep 20, 2019
There are numerous benefits to the community that derive from hospital and health system mergers, starting with quality improvements and expanding services.

Perspective: New research confirms that hospital mergers reduce costs and enhance quality of care

Sep 6, 2019
Health care is experiencing unprecedented change: the field is shifting to value-based care; new players are entering the health care field; and patients want services to be provided in a more conv