Communication. Teamwork. Unity. That’s what helps drive health care innovation, accelerates health equity, improves health outcomes and advances health in our communities.

At last month’s AHA Rural Health Care Leadership Conference, I had the opportunity to hear from members about the incredible value of such events — where the best minds in our field gather to connect, learn and collaborate to address the challenges facing hospitals and health systems, regardless of size or location.

There will be more opportunities over the next few months for knowledge exchange and collaboration at in-person AHA events:

AHA’s Annual Membership Meeting, April 14–16, in Washington, D.C., is the nation’s leading conference for hospital and health system leaders advancing health in America. You will hear from policymakers, legislators and thought leaders on the most pressing issues facing our field. With a focus on AHA’s key advocacy priorities, these three days of programming will give health care leaders what’s needed to make our voices heard on Capitol Hill.

Accelerating Health Equity Conference, May 7–9, in Kansas City, Mo., focuses a lens on the systemic drivers that have resulted in disproportionate health outcomes across different patient populations. The conference brings together professionals focused on improving community and population health, building partnerships, and increasing diversity and inclusion in hospital leadership and governance.

AHA Leadership Summit, July 21–23, in San Diego brings together a diverse community of strategic and visionary leaders who represent excellence in the field as they boldly transform their organizations. The summit’s key themes — Lead, Connect, Transform — help guide hospital and health system leaders, clinicians and trustees in delivering better care and greater value, ensuring financial stability, addressing workforce challenges and more.

Visit for details on other conferences, events and learning opportunities throughout the year.

It is vitally important that we continue to speak with one another, exchange ideas and remain unified not only in addressing these challenges but also in presenting our challenges and solutions to lawmakers and to the public.

Be sure to check out these events. Hope to see you there!

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